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Competition Experience

Australian Specialty Coffee Association 

  • 2022 ASCA Australian National Brewers Cup 3rd Place 

  • 2022 ASCA Australian National Brewers Cup Finalist   

  • 2022 ASCA "Top 12"

  • 2022 ASCA Latte Art Smackdown 1st Runner-up 

  • 2020 ASCA Australian National Brewers Cup Finalist 

  • 2020 ASCA National Brewers Cup 
  • 2020 ASCA Central Region 3rd Place Central Region Brewers Cup 2020

  • 2020 ASCA "Top 12" 

  • 2018 Regional Latte Art Judge

  • 2018 Regional Barista Judge


  • ACT Aeropress Champion 2017

  • ACT Aeropress 2nd Champion 2018


  • 2018 ACT Aeropress 2nd Champion

  • 2018 Regional Brewers Cup

  • 2019 Regional Latte Art

  • 2020 National Cup Tasters

Other Competitons


Cafe & Hospitality Experience

In the 10+ I have been in the hospitality industry, I have gained experience in almost all faucets incuding but not limited to; setting up cafes, creative directing cafe design, concepts, management, sales & consulting.

Specialty Coffee

Spending  5+ years in specialty coffee, my understanding ranges across many facets of our industry.

Job Roles;

Ona Coffee

- Sales, National and International Guest Roaster Manager (2022- Present)

- Sales Manager (19' - 2022)

- Servicing clientele across multiple states across Australia and Internationally 

- Conducting a Quality assessment of coffees per client

- Building and maintaining relationships with cafe owners and baristas 

- Conducting on-site trainings

- Creating and managing events nationally 

- Working with clients in design process of new cafes and logistics 

-  Receiving leads for potential new partners 

- Working remotely with clients providing customer support virtually 

- Sub Zero Pop-Up

Working with Sub Zero coffee I would travel interstate to help setup, dial in rare/expensive coffees from across the globe, deliver experiences to VIPs and creating an efficient coffee bar setup & system. 

Highroad - Head Barista (17'- 20')

- Building core team

- Managing a coffee program including frozen coffee 

-  Training baristas and FoH in coffee servicing 

- Monitor and adjust roster and hours to minimise labour costs

- Create new drink menu seasonally that fits under a costs of goods and services percentage 

- Create new systems for workflow 

- Create & monitor KPI's for staff 

Ona Manuka - Head Barista (17')

Cupping Room - Head Barista (16'-17)

credentials: Resume
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